At Camp Lisa, I focus on traveling, exploring in your own area, embracing adventure, and trying out new experiences. As many of us are now quarantined, the tables have turned- especially in terms of travel. We are now forced to look inward, stay home and focus on those who matter most- our families. Many of you have started with online classes for your kids- but that only takes up a couple hours of the day. What else can you occupy your time with? I’ve put together a list of a few ideas to help you through this unprecedented time. Granted, some of these activities may only last up to 5 minutes, but that’s 5 minutes where at least the kids will be occupied and entertained.



You don’t have to go crazy or make a mess. It could be as simple as mixing oil and vinegar, or something more adventurous like seeing what happens when you dip m&ms in hot water (see picture attached). Make elephant toothpaste or extract DNA from a strawberry — surprise yourself with what you can do with items/ingredients you already have at home! Put your older kids in charge of these projects- the younger ones will follow.


Even if you are quarantined, you can still have a picnic outside. If you live in a building, try having one on your balcony just to mix it up and change the scenery. Let the kids make the menu, gather what you need and even set the blanket.


This can easily be done daily, and it’s easy for you to practice as well: Three things I am thankful for, three things I hope for, three awesome things that happened yesterday, etc.Turn it into a ritual — make yourself a tea or coffee (or glass of wine), sit in a space with a view, and take time to daydream. You can even journal about where you’ll travel next!


If you can manage, wake up before everyone else, go outside and see the sky change right before your eyes! My daughter calls the sun setting “rainbow sky.” This is a gift we can take advantage of every single day.


Now this is a really hard one but so so beneficial- 20 minutes tops, but you’ll be surprised at how well it works. Many children don’t read for leisure- it’s all about TikTok, Instagram, etc. Take the time for all of you, as a family, to all sit, and each read your own book, magazine, or newspaper; I do recommend staying away from any devices for this one — go old school and read a REAL book. Sit & enjoy this quiet activity together for as long as it will last. For the young young ones, give them picture books- they will enjoy it and totally learn from the family culture.


Put each family member in charge of leading a dance- any song of their choosing. Try not making this activity too close to bedtime as everyone will get very hyper from this one. But dancing around and looking silly with those you love most is just awesome.


Get the kids involved in this one- ask them what they are craving, what they’d like to make and eat. With so much time at home, you’ll have to cook or bake something eventually. Kids always appreciate food more when they are involved in the process- even if all they did was crack an egg.

Things to Keep You Sane


Ask kids to help with chores by making them feel like a game. For example, whoever brings down their laundry fastest and sorts it according to whites & darks gets to pick the dinner menu. Or: You do the dishes, I’ll dry them, and the quicker we finish the quicker we can get to the next project. Get organized and choose a room to make over together.


Try a family yoga class! There are lots of great follow along yoga classes for children of all ages on YouTube. Zumba is offering some free classes as well! Just have them workout while you workout. If you do your workout, and they follow along or try to copy you, it’s considered a win!


This is a great way to keep some sanity. It’s also amazing to help keep your kids feel grounded and unafraid in times of uncertainty. I actually started this with my daughter for a few minutes a day, but since all this craziness, she’s actually doing 2 sessions a day. Waking Up with Sam Harris is a great app for this one, but there are many you can kind online that are specific for kids.


Ask your kids to list:

5 things they can see
4 things they can hear
3 things they can feel
2 things they can smell

You can switch this list around daily, and maybe try doing it in a different place in the home — kitchen, garden, bedroom, family room, front porch or balcony — but there are so many benefits to just being able to be in the present, and this one can be done in conjunction with meditation as well.

This is a time your kids will always remember — make these memories ones they can cherish; These are the memories that bind siblings together because only they have them but they all share them! (Miami people — think Hurricane Andrew). Give your kids lots of hugs and kisses especially in this time of social distancing- everyone can use the reassurance that in the end, everything will be okay. Make the most of this time, try keeping your household sane, and have fun every day!




I am a travel planner. I focus on Personalized Out of the Box Travel Itineraries.

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Lisa Groisman

Lisa Groisman

I am a travel planner. I focus on Personalized Out of the Box Travel Itineraries.

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